Threshold Knowledge for UAS Pilot less than 25Kg Line of Sight

CUI draws its training pedagogy from the proven CCUVS UAS ground school with over eight years of serving the Canadian UAS industry.   The course focuses on aviation themed instruction, which is the key ingredient of this course. It covers the following topics that are identified as knowledge requirements by Transport Canada:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Air law and Regulations
    • Airspace classification and structure
    • Interpretation of Aeronautical charts and Canada Flight Supplement
  • Communications
    • Industry Canada Restricted Operator Certificate Air ROC (A)
  • Weather
    • Reporting Services
    • Notam organization and reporting
  • Basic UAS 101 with industry updates
  • Lessons learned and field operating tips

INDUSTRY CANADA Radio Qualification

Students also receive instruction for an Industry Canada Restricted Radio Operators License (Air) ROC (A). Upon the successful completion of the radio exam, students will then receive a radio license, which allows them to operate and monitor aviation band frequencies.  CUI, through the offices of CCUVS has successfully trained over 1400 students in the past 7 years and offers this course both in house and on location as required. It is recognized by Transport Canada and has been proven as most beneficial on SFOC applications.

The UAV training manual “Unmanned” is a required purchase in order to complete the course. This textbook is published by Aviation Publishers and co-written by Sterling Cripps.  It includes the necessary information on course topics and serves as an excellent field guide and reference manual when operating UAV’s. No operator should be working without it.

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