CUI’s Objective is to generate a safe and educated culture for both civil and commercial UAV / Drone operators throughout Canada

Sterling Cripps, President and Chief Instructor, was the very first to develop a UAV / Drone ground school training program in Canada for civil and commercial UAV / Drone operators.

Sterling identified a need for a UAV ground school back in 2008 to accommodate those operators without any formal aviation training. His first course in 2009 was for first responders who were learning to operate the Dragan Flyer X6 VTOL UAV. It was an overwhelming success.

This first course set the way to produce a purposeful UAV training Manual. Sterling together with Aviation Publishers (From the Ground Up) in Ottawa developed a first of its kind UAS Training Manual. This Training Manual, “Unmanned” has been the anchor reference for the Canadian Unmanned UAV course content. Students can follow the lecture using this manual and continue to use as a field guide and reference.

Transport Canada recognizes this training as an important part of a SFOC submission and proof that the applicant has met all of their knowledge requirements.