Course Overview

Ground School Training Course

slots up rtingCanadian Unmanned  offers a 2.5 day comprehensive 20 hour RPAS ground school course for both civil and commercial operators. 

This course prepare students for the Transport Canada Basic and Advanced operators exam.

slots up rtingTransport Canada TP 15263 – “Knowledge Requirements for  Pilots of  Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems 250 g up to and including 25 kg, Operating within Visual Line-of-Sight (VLOS) 

The Canadian Unmanned Training Course focuses on aviation themed instruction taught by a current Commercial Multi- Engine Instrument Rated Pilot with over 30 years flight experience and 11 years experience flying drones. The course covers the following topics that are identified as knowledge requirements  by Transport Canada: 

Knowledge areas: 

  • Section 1: Air law, air traffic rules and procedures 

  • Section 2: RPAS airframes, power plants, propulsion and systems 

  • Section 3: Human factors 

  • Section 4: Meteorology 

  • Section 5: Navigation 

  • Section 6: Flight operations 

  • Section 7: Theory of flight 

  • Section 8: Radiotelephony 

Restricted Radio Operators Certificate (Air)
Industry Canada ROC (A) Radio Qualification

Students also receive instruction for an Industry Canada Restricted Radio Operators License (Air)  ROC (A). Upon the successful completion of the radio exam, students will receive a radio license which allows them to operate and monitor aviation band frequencies.   This license is considered a critical component for professionals operating a RPAS, whether it is in controlled or uncontrolled airspace.