About Us

CUI Founder and President is Sterling Cripps. Sterling was one of the founding members of the CCUVS in 2007. From 2007 to 2015 he served as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Instructor for the CCUVS UAV / Drone ground school which he created in 2008.

Sterling is responsible for the creation of over 700 nm of Class F Restricted Airspace at Foremost Alberta which has been designated exclusively for beyond line of sight UAV / Drone operations. This six and a half year project was done in concert and cooperation from NAV CANADA and Transport Canada. As of November 2014 it became published on Canadian Air Navigation Charts.

Sterling has been involved with many aspects of the unmanned regulatory process and some of his accreditations are as follows;

  • Maintains a Commercial Group One Pilot License.
  • 20 years military service as a Naval Clearance Diving Officer.
  • Participated in several Transport Canada working groups and committees to develop the current state of UAV regulations in Canada 2008 – 2014.
  • Board Member of Unmanned Systems Canada 2014.
  • Developed Canada’s first commercial UAS Training Manual with Aviation Publishers out of Ottawa Ontario 2009.
  • Started Canada’s first open commercial and civil unmanned ground school training course 2009.
  • Has successfully trained over 800 students in UAV ground school.
  • He is an accredited Industry Canada radio operator license examiner.
  • Was the genesis behind developing the Foremost UAS Airspace 2008-2014.

CUI is committed to working with Transport Canada and NAV CANADA to ensure all commercial UAV operators are properly trained and fully informed of the responsibilities as legitimate airspace users.